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Farley's Vision:

  • Keeping Danbury affordable for working families and seniors.
    • Putting surplus tax revenue back in the pockets of working- and middle-class families
    • Reigning in utility companies who are making record profits
    • Making sure prescription savings are passed on to you
    • Providing more/affordable public transportation options
    • Creating more incentives for electric and hybrids
    • Increasing low interest loans and grants for attending CT colleges and universities
  • Increasing healthcare access and lowering costs.
  • Delivering more NEW funding for Danbury and Danbury Schools.
  • Advocating for our Veterans' needs
  • Defending women's civil liberties
  • Protecting the environmental sustainability of Candlewood Lake.


  • Champion for our KIDS and their Mental Health to ensure students get more services that put their needs first.
  • Climate change is real and I will stand with the stewards of CTs Environment...CT House Democrats to ensure our environment is protected.
  • Continue to fight to make college affordable and to bring higher education within reach for thousands of students who may otherwise have to stress about college debt. 

Paid for by Farley 2022, Frank Salvatore Jr., Treasurer. Approved by Farley Santos
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